Afropean Music

In chapter 4, I read Miano’s novel Blues pour Élise as an alternative Afropean mediascape.

Structurally speaking, the novel resembles both a music album (complete with a “Bonus” track/chapter) and a television series. Each chapter concludes with an “Ambiance Sonore” [soundscape] that lists songs referenced in the preceding chapter. Here are some of the main works and artists I reference in analyzing the novel:

The term “Afropean” itself also comes from the music world, originating with producer David Byrne, who puts it thusly:

I see a new continent, a virtual musical and culinary contient emerging in Europe–Afropea–the Africans and generations of kids of African descent have assimilated Euro and American styles and are making adventurous and exciting mixtures in music and food, and in every other aspect of culture.

He produced the first record to use the term, Zap Mama’s Adventures in Afropea I.