Coupé-Décalé Music

In this chapter, I put Alain Mabanckou’s Black Bazar (2009) into dialog with Ivorian coupé-décalé music. Both draw from and put into practice (albeit in different ways) fashion practices from the Congolese Sape movement. Note the danses des griffes in the coupé-décalé videos, as well as the three nouchi (Ivorian street slang) terms I analyze in the book: “coupé,” “décalé,” and “travaillé.”

Select coupé-décalé music videos by members of the Jet Set:

“Douk Saga en fête” by Douk Saga, the self-proclaimed president of coupé-décalé music. In the song, Saga discusses the relationship between the music movement and the 2002 Ivorian civil war, describing himself (and the coupé-décalé music movement more generally) as the “messiah” who brought “joy and gaiety” to the Ivorian population in despair.
“La Jet” by Boro Sanguy and Lino Versace:
“On n’a Ka s’amuser” by Lino Versace: